Evaluation Process


There are 5 stages of the evaluation process:


1. Eligibility Check

  • After the call closes, each proposal will undergo an eligibility check based on the criteria mentioned in section 2.1.
  • All applicants will be informed about whether the proposal passed the eligibility check or not via email

2. International Peer-Review

  • All eligible applicants will undergo an international (single-blind) peer review, carried out remotely by three independent experts.
  • Following the peer-review, applicants will be informed of the results. If the combined score of the three reviewers is below threshold, applicants will be rejected and will receive feedback and scores. If above threshold, the application will be forwarded to the Selection Committee and applicants informed accordingly.

3. Selection Committee Evaluation

  • The Selection Committee (composed of six distinguished researchers from a number of different disciplines external to the University of Vienna, and chaired by the University of Vienna’s Vice Rector of Research and International Affairs), will be given an initial ranking list of proposals that is based on the scores awarded in the peer-review. They will also be given the evaluation forms, scores and full application forms.
  • The Selection Committee will convene and approve a shortlist of 16 candidates for interview primarily based on the highest scores and the comments from the peer-reviewers. Selection Committee members can reposition a candidate if they see fit. This must be approved by at least four of the six Selection Committee members.
  • Applicants invited to interview will be informed within one week of the Selection Committee's decision and will be expected to attend the interview in person at the University of Vienna. In extenuating circumstances, interviews may be held over Skype. Travel and accommodation will be reimbursed. Full instructions will be communicated to the interviewees in advance of the interview.

4. Interviews

  • Interviews will be conducted by the Selection Committee and will last max. 30 minutes. Applicants will present their projects in 10 minutes and explain why they would like to carry out their project at the University of Vienna. They will also be asked to describe their career goals.
  • Mentors will also be invited to support their applicants but will neither have a vote or be present during the final decision discussion.

5. Selection Committee Final Decision

  • Out of the 16 applicants interviewed, a final ranked list of eight applicants (plus a short waiting list of candidates) will be decided consensually by the Selection Committee.
  • Applicants will be informed about the outcome of their interview no later than one week after the interview. Unsuccessful applicants will receive the comments from the peer-reviewers and the Selection Committee. Applicants on the waiting list will be informed accordingly. Successful candidates will be sent official job offers and will have two weeks to respond.

The number of applicants invited to interview, and the number of applicants presented in the final ranked list of candidates and waiting list is subject to the quality of the applicants.

Which application documents will be evaluated when?

Application documentStage in Evaluation Process
  • Passport photo page
  • Evidence of PhD (where applicable)
  • Support letter from hosting mentor
  • MSCA Mobility Rule eligibility
  • Check that complete application has been submitted
1 Eligibility Check
  • Academic CV
  • Research proposal (including any ethical issues and data protection issues)
  • Letter of commitment from the secondment partner if applicable
  • Letter replying to suggestions and critical feedback from reviewers (resubmission only)


2 International Peer Review

3 Selection Committee Evaluation


  • Research Proposal & Supporting Documents

4 Interview

5 Selection Committee Final Decision