Expert Knowledge in Times of Crisis – Uncovering Interaction Effects between Think Tanks, Media and Politics beyond Liberal Democracies

Department of Communication

Mentor: Sophie Lecheler

At 30: Four Waves of Ukrainian Music in the Twentieth Century

Department of East European History

Mentor: Kerstin Jobst

Agents of Globalisation? Yugoslav Enterprises between Nonaligned Transnationalism and Socialism (1973-1991)

Research Center for the History of Transformations (RECET)

Mentor: Phillip Ther

Novel cascading approaches based on green chemistry to valorize microalgal biomass by proving potential biological activities

Department of Food Chemistry and Toxicology

Mentor: Doris Marko

Supply mechanisms of Phosphorus in the Rhizosphere in tropical soils – interactions of plants and microorganisms

Department of Microbiology and Ecosystem Science

Mentor: Andreas Richter

Comrades in Arms: A Global History of Czechoslovakia's Weapons Industry, 1954-1994

Research Center for the History of Transformations (RECET)

Mentor: Phillipp Ther

Towards a Sustainable Linked Data Infrastructure for Museum Collections

Department of History

Mentor: Tara Andrews

Functional characterisation of algal wax ester biosynthetic enzymes and evaluation of their potential for wax ester production in microalgae

Department of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology

Mentor: Wolfram Weckwerth

Injectivity, Regularity, and Extensibility of Deformations

Department of Mathematics

Mentor: Ulisse Stefanelli

Disappointment: Reclaiming the Unfulfilled Promise of Resistance

Department of Political Science

Mentor: Oliver Marchart

Fellowship ended December 2022; Maša went on directly to a position as Lecturer in Political Theory at the University of Leeds – link here to her institutional profile.

Heterogeneous Photochemistry at Atmospheric Aqueous Surfaces

Department of Physical Chemistry

Mentor: Ellen Backus

Microbial Networks of DHA Synthesis: lipid metabolism for the brain

Department of Microbiology and Ecosystem Science

Mentor: David Berry

The Able (bodied) Babel: Translating Stories of Disability

Department for Translation Studies

Mentor: Klaus Kaindl

The physics of slow dynamics in soft-hard mixtures

Computational and Soft Matter Physics

Mentor: Christos Likos

Capturing the Arctic: Visual and Material Practices of Ethnographic Representation of the Russian North

Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Mentor: Peter Schweitzer